By-elections to the NA in Constituencies N 10 and 11

Սեպտեմբերի 9-ին տեղի կունենան ԱԺ մեծամասնական ընտրակարգով պատգամավորների լրացուցիչ ընտրություններ

Սեպտեմբերի 9-ին տեղի կունենան ԱԺ մեծամասնական ընտրակարգով պատգամավորների լրացուցիչ ընտրություններ

On July 3, 2018  an extraordinary meeting of the AR Central Electoral Commission was convoked under the leadership of the Commission Chairperson S. Arzumanyan. 

          Based upon the Paragraph 13 of Part 1 of Article 48 of the AR Electoral Code and the                  protocol of July 2, 2018 of the AR National Assembly on considering the parliamentary powers of the NA deputies Lernik L. Hovhannisyan and  Armo M. Tsatryan, who had been elected from the Constituencies N 10 and 11,  terminated from July 2, 2018 it was decided in the meeting;
     1) to call by-elections to the deputy under the majoritarian system of the AR National         Assembly in Constituencies N 10 and  11 on September 9, 2018 ,

     2)  to approve the cost estimate of the organization and conduct of those elections -30 182 210 AMD (thirty  millions and one hundred and eighty two thousands and two hundreds and ten), as well as, the schedule of the main events, which includes data on the implementation of 59  main activities to be implemented, thus from the appointment of the voting day till the summarization of their results, as well as, on the responsible performers of their implementation.

According to the schedule, the start of the aforementioned electoral activities has been given on July 3, 2018.

    The deadline of submitting the documents for the registration to AR Kashatagh and Mardakert Territorial Electoral Commission has been established from July 16, 2018 till 18.00 of July 26, 2018 and the registration will be made from July 26, 2018  till 18.00 of August 5. The period of the pre election campaign is from August 6, 2018 till 27.00 of September 7.

     The schedule of the events and other legal acts and documents based upon them will be provided to the concerned departments and responsible performers.
     All the main information on the current schedule and the whole process relating to the National Assembly by-elections will be available on a separate section of this website. 

During the meeting the Central Electoral Commission also appointed the territorial electoral commissions who organize and conduct NA elections in N 10 and 11 constituencies which include more than one region. The powers to organize and conduct the elections in Constituency N 10 which include all the communities of Shoushi and Kashatagh’s regions   were put to the Territorial Electoral Commission of Kashatagh and and in Constitunecy N 11 which include all the communities of Shahoumyan, 12 communities of Askeran and 16 communities of Mardakert  were put to the Territorial Electoral Commission of Mardakert.                   

           At the end of the meeting the Chairperson of the Central Electoral Commission gave concrete instructions to the responsible persons to perform all the events of the main measures provided by the schedule relating  to the upcoming elections in the prescribed terms and high level.


Central Electoral Commission

of  the Artsakh Republic