The final results of the Referendum have been summarized



C___7598On February 23, 2017 a regular session of the NKR Central Referendum Commission was held under the leadership of S. Arzumanyan.

 Based upon Part 2 of Article 34 of the NKR Law and taking into account the summary protocols  of the final results of February 20, 2017 Referendum on the draft Constitution of the Artsakh Republic in the NKR constituencies, the NKR Central Referendum  Commission  compiled a summary protocol at the meeting held at 17.00 p.m.,according to which the turnout of the citizens eligible for participating in the Referendum composed 103 818 persons per the lists, the number of the ballots given to the precinct  commissions  was 105 061, the turnout of the registered voting participants having   received ballots according to the signatures was 79 428,  the number of the cancelled (unused, incorrectly filled (damaged) and returned ) ballots was 25 633, the total number of the ballots of the established sample in the ballot box  was 79 428 ( including the number of the valid ballots -77 256, the number of the invalid ballots -2172), the number of the ballots voted  ”for ” was 69 570, the number of the ballots voted ”against” was 7 686, the number of inaccuracies was 0.


During the meeting the head of the Oversight and Audit Service of the NKR Central Referendum Commission G. Mirzoyan presented an information on the contributions to the campaign funds made by the political parties participated  in the Referendum campaigning and the use thereon and it was decided to publish it in the prescribed procedure. According to that, the total amount of the payments made in the campaign funds opened by the political parties in two acting banks of the Republic compiled 5320.0 thousands AMD,  the amount of the expenditures -5042.9 thousands AMD, and the balance 277.1 thousand AMD.  In terms of the formation of funds, revenues and expenditures  there was no rude violation protocolled.


At the end of the meeting a brief information  presented by the  head of the Press Centre of the NKR Central Referendum Commission Y. Hadziyan was taken into note.


Central Referendum Commission of the

  Nagorno Karabakh Republic