The final results of the local elections have been summarized



1462954_1051922604834483_3448116966093510935_n455, 9 percent of the voters or 52 787 voters of the Artsakh Republic participated in the local elections held on September 13, 2015.This number is relatively lower than the respective number of the local elections of 2011 only by 0,7 percent.

The elections, including regular and early, were held nearly in 91 percent of the communities of the Republic ( in 139 communities both for a community head and Council of Elders, in five communities only for a community head and in 63 communities only for Council of Elders).
The elections were based on N396-N and N 397-N decisions of June 29, 2015 of the NKR Government and N 449-N decision of July 11, 2015. Based on them, the NKR Central Electoral Commission on July 20 of this year approved the schedule of the preparation and main events for the conduct of the elections, coordinated and performed those work in collaboration with the eight territorial and 252 precinct electoral commissions and concerned departments.
240 candidates to a community head and 1241 candidates to Council of Elders were registered for the participation in the local elections.
The nominations were mostly performed in the form of self- nomination. Only one candidate to the community head of Stepanakert was nominated by the Nagorno- Karabakh Communist Party.
235 candidates to a community head registered in 144 communities (in 71 communities were registered for one candidate to a community head, in 59 communities for two candidates, in 11 communities for three candidates, in 2 communities for four candidates and in one community for five candidates) and 1235 candidates to Council of Elders registered in 202 communities participated in the elections.
103 out of the elected 144 community heads or 71, 5 % of the elected are acting community heads. 22 acting community heads have not been re-elected.
The elected community heads have the following party affiliation.
”Free Motherland” party – 36 people or 25 % of the elected
Artsakh Democratic Party- 16 people or 11, 1 % of the elected
“ Armenian Revolutionary Federation” party – 14 people or 9,7% of the elected
Non-Partisan -78 people or 54, 2% of the elected
Most part of the newly elected community heads- 96, 5 % ( 139 people) are male.
In accordance with the requirements of Article 128 of the NKR Electoral Code, taking into account the number of the voters of the current community, in 202 communities of the Republic 1023 candidates to Council of Elders have been elected, moreover, according to the party affiliation the picture is the following;
”Free Motherland” party – 172 people or 16,8 % of the elected
Artsakh Democratic Party- 26 people or 2,5 % of the elected
“Armenian Revolutionary Federation” party – 22 people or 2,2% of the elected
Nagorno-Karabakh Communist party -6 people or 0, 6 % of the elected
Non-Partisan -796 people or 77, 8 % of the elected
12, 5 % of the elected members to Council of Elders (128 people) are female.
For more information regarding the results of the elections -here.



Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Central Electoral Commission