On the nomination


It is  informed to the AR citizens that , for the registration as a candidate under the majoritarian electoral system of the National Assembly  for participating in the September 9, 2018 by-elections to the deputy of the AR National Assembly under the majoritarian system  the party’s decision to nominate a candidate for the majoritarian electoral system of the National Assembly or a statement of self-nomination of a citizen, certified by a notary, should be submitted to Kashatagh’s Territorial Electoral System for Constituency No 10 and to Mardakert’s  Territorial Electoral System for Constituency No 11, attaching the following documents to the application;

    1)  a reference of the citizen  nominated as a candidate on having been a citizen of the AR for the last five years,  as well as permanently residing in  the Artsakh Republic for the last five years, provided by the AR Police;

2)  a written statement on consent of the candidate registration in Constituency No 10 and 11  (only in case of being nominated by the party);

3)  a copy of the identity document of the candidate;

4)  receipt for payment of the electoral deposit in the amount of 150 –fold of  the minimum wage (150 000 AMD), the number of payments for the electoral deposit is, Stepanakert local treasury department – 9 1 5 0 1 3 0 0 4 0 1 4.

           Documents for the registration may be submitted to Kashatagh and Mardakert’s Territorial Electoral Commissions from July 16, 2018 to July 26, 2018 till 18.00 hours.

The electronic forms of the aforementioned documents and all the necessary information relating to the upcoming elections -here

For more information, please contact Kashatagh and Mardakert’s Territorial Electoral Commissions or call – 047-75-23-75 (Kashatagh);   097-22-18-77 (Mardakert).


The   AR Central Electoral Commission