On the nominations


It is informed that for the registration of a candidate to a community head or Council of Elders to the scheduled September 8, 2019 regular local elections, the application on the self-nomination of the candidate or the decision of the political party on nominating a candidate should be submitted to the respective territorial electoral commission attaching the following documents to the application:

     1) a reference of the citizen registered as a candidate on having been registered in the given community for the last one year provided by the authorized body;
     2) a copy of an identity document of the candidate
     3) a receipt of the electoral deposit, the account number of payments for the electoral deposit is –  Stepanakert  Local Treasury Department – 9 1 5 0 1 3 0 0 4 0 1 4

     The registration documents should be submitted to the respective territorial electoral commission from August 4  till 18.00 hours of  August 9 of this year.

 The electronic forms of the aforementioned documents and all the necessary information relating to the upcoming  elections, are available on the official website of the AR Central Electoral Commission – cecnkr.am.
For more information, please contact the respective territorial electoral commissions or call  on the following telephone number; 047-94-42-55




The  AR Central Electoral Commission