On some violations registered during the elections


277806385_1474852392910866_5353439276431778173_n     Certain violations were registered at  N 5/1 polling station of Berdashen community and N 5/3 polling station of Norshen community of Martuni region during the snap election to the local self-government bodies of the Republic of Artsakh, held on 10 April 2022. On the voting day, some media representatives, not accredited by the CEC of the Republic of Artsakh, were observed by the polling station election commissions to cover the elections.

     It should be noted, that in accordance with article 31 part 7 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Artsakh, representatives of the legal entity, engaged in information activities, or representatives of a natural person, who is an individual entrepreneur, are allowed to cover elections and voting process after getting accreditation by the Central Electoral Commission……

278085602_1634578483556458_5691907160791498993_n     The media accreditation process by the CEC to cover the elections to the local governments on 10 April 2022, was open from 5 to 26 March. To cover the elections the following media representatives were accredited by the CEC: 15 representatives of the Public TV and Radio Company of Artsakh, 3 representatives of the Artsakhpress information website, 4 representatives of the Civilnet news agency, and 3 representatives of the Amaras newspaper.