About the accreditation of the observers


     In the frameworks of the preparation and conduct of upcoming the new regular elections of the local self-government bodies of the Artsakh Republic scheduled on October 10, 2021, the process of the accreditation of the observers has begun at the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Artsakh.

     The applications to be accredited or the applications to alter (supplement) the list of the accredited observers shall be submitted to the Central Electoral Commission after calling the elections, but no later than 10 days before the voting day.

     The right to be accredited for carrying out observation missions have non-governmental organizations, whose tasks enshrined in the charters include issues relating to democracy and the protection of human rights, and who do not support the candidates.

    The application to be accredited shall include the name of the applicant, notification address, phone number, point out the date of the application, the signature of the applicant.

     The following shall be attached to the application for the accreditation

· The copy of the constitution, in the case of the registered organizations in the country

· A copy of the invitation, in the case of the international organizations

· the list of the observers submitted for the accreditation, also with the electronic carrier, in Microsoft Excel format.

     The accreditation of the local observers shall be performed till September 30.

     The procedure of the accreditation of the observers, the necessary documents and information about the accreditation list, the forms of the certificates of the observers are defined by N decision N21 of January 16, 2020, of the AR Central Electoral Commission.

     For more information, please, contact the Central Electoral Commission of the AR, 2 Knunyantsneri st. the first floor, Stepanakert, e-mail- cec.nk.am@ gmail.com , phone number; (047) 95-75-59.