About the accreditation of the mass media representatives


1_zygjcaidcgb-txustyqrmg     The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) accredits the representatives of the mass media covering the extraordinary elections of the self-governing bodies appointed on October 9, 2022.

    According to Article 31 of the AR Electoral Code representatives of a legal person or a natural person being an individual entrepreneur carrying out media activities (hereinafter referred to as “the mass media representatives”) may, on the voting day, conduct coverage of elections and voting after being accredited at the Central Electoral Commission. The entity carrying out media activities may accredit its representatives if it has been disseminating on its behalf mass media for at least one year. A 1-year limitation shall not apply where the entity carrying out media activities disseminates mass media through terrestrial on-air broadcasting.

    The application for being accredited and the list of mass media representatives performing coverage on the early self-government bodies elections scheduled for April 10, 2022, shall be submitted to the Central Electoral Commission after the day of calling elections, but no later than 15 days before the voting day – till September 24.

    For accrediting the mass media representatives the entity carrying out media activities shall submit a written application which shall include;

- the full name of the entity carrying out media activities, the organizational-legal form, the location, if the person performing media activity is a natural person, including his / her last name, first name, patronymic name (if patronymic is indicated in the passport) and place of residence;

- the name of the mass media disseminated by the entity carrying out media activities

- notification address, phone number;

- indication on the start date of the dissemination of the mass media

- in the case of the licensed terrestrial on-air broadcasting, also indication about that; 

-the name of the election and the day of the voting

- the list of the documents attached;

- the date of the application;

-the signature of the applicant.

     The list of the media representatives shall be attached to the application in paper and electronic form. 

     The procedure for accreditation of mass media representatives performing coverage on the elections and voting on the voting day, the list of the documents and information necessary for accreditation, the forms of certificates for mass media representatives are defined by N decision N-20 of January 16, 2020, of the AR Central Electoral Commission.

     For more information, please, contact the Central Electoral Commission of the AR, 2 Knunyantsneri st. the first floor, Stepanakert, e-mail- cec.nk.am@ gmail.com , phone number; (047)95-67-37.