The deadline for submitting a self-withdrawal has expired


1522476559_11At 18.00 of March 21 of this year the deadline for the application of self-withdrawal of the candidates to the President participating in the scheduled March  31, 2020 regular  elections to the AR President and  National Assembly, political parties (party alliances or party member of alliances) nominated electoral list for participating in the National Assembly elections, to submit to the Artsakh Republic Central Electoral Commission  has expired. As of the end of the deadline  no self-withdrawal has been submitted.

     So, 14 presidential candidates will participate in the national elections on March 31of the current year and 10 parties and 2 party alliances will participate in the elections to the National Assembly.

     The Central Electoral Commission has established the samples of the ballots for the elections of the President of the Republic of Artsakh and the National Assembly on March 31, 2020. The ballot for the election of the President of the Republic will be pink (paper size-297 mm x 210 mm), and the ballot for the election to the National Assembly will be white (paper size-200 mm x 420 mm) with the protection of a special watercolor of two colors.

     We inform that, as of March 21 of the current year for the observation mission, 14 public organizations with the participation of 807 representatives, as well as 197 representatives of 37 mass media have been accredited at the CEC.



Press Service of the 

AR Central Electoral Commission