Meeting with the Chairmen of Territorial Electoral Commissions



On July 23, 2013, CEC Chairperson S. Arzumanyan held a working meeting attended by 8 Chairmen of Territorial Electoral Commissions, as well as CEC Deputy Chairman E. Arzumanyan and CEC Secretary R. Nazaryan.
During her first meeting with the Chairmen of the Territorial Electoral Commissions, CEC Chairperson S. Arzumanyan presented in detail the main principles of organizing the joint work with the Electoral Commissions, related in particular to ensuring publicity, activating cooperation with the media, as well as the need for legislative changes to the electoral system, organization of professional trainings and other issues of the electoral system.
CEC Deputy Chairman E. Arzumanyan briefed the participants of the meeting on the course of the professional trainings for holding of elections. CEC Secretary R. Nazaryan and Chairmen of the Martuni and Kashatagh Territorial Electoral Commissions H.Petrossyan and A.Mnatsakanyan presented jointly the results of the visits to the Martuni and Kashatagh Electoral Commissions to check the process of working with documents, as provided for by the working plan of the Central Electoral Commission. Chairmen of the Territorial Electoral Commissions made brief presentations on current and future activities, the upcoming local elections, professional trainings and proposals for amendments to the electoral legislation.
A number of proposals for reforms of the electoral system have been made during the interesting and fruitful discussions.
CEC Chairperson S. Arzumanyan gave protocol instructions to the Chairmen of the Territorial Electoral Commissions to come up with proposals on the format, place and time of organizing professional trainings, as well as on reporting of information, legislative changes, technical issues, including reviewing the format of the NKR CEC website.


Office of the NKR Central Electoral Commission