December 10, 1991

The referendum on independence was held on December 10, 1991, in accordance with the decision of November 27, 1991, of the NKR Council of People’s Deputies and the interim regulation on holding a referendum in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.
Summing up the results of the referendum in 70 electoral districts of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, the Central Electoral Commission concluded:
1. The total number of registered voters was 132,328 people;
2. The number of voters who participated in the voting was 108,736 people, or 82.2 percent of the total number of voters;
3. To the question “Do you agree that the proclaimed Nagorno Karabakh Republic be a sovereign state, independently determining the forms of its cooperation with other states and communities?” 108,615 people or 99,9 percent of the voters answered “Yes” and 24 people or 0,02 percent of the voters answered “No”.
Thus, the overwhelming majority of the population voted in favor of the independence of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.
The referendum was monitored by more than 40 international observers.