December 10, 2006

By a decree of the President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, the constitutional referendum was scheduled for December 10, 2006 - the International Human Rights Day and the anniversary of the Independence Referendum of 1991.
In accordance with the schedule and the action plan approved by the Central Electoral Commission for the preparation and conduct of the referendum, 22 district and 277 precinct electoral commissions were formed.  One polling station was set up at the NKR Permanent Representation in Yerevan, Armenia.
The Central Electoral Commission approved the question put to the referendum, “Do you agree that the draft constitution put to a referendum be adopted as the Constitution of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic?”
The number of citizens entitled to vote was 90,077, of which the number of voters who registered and received ballots totaled 78,389 or 87,02 percent.
According to the final protocol on the results of the NKR Constitutional Referendum, 98,58 percent of the voters approved the draft constitution.
More than 90 international observers and reporters representing 30 organizations from 15 countries monitored the process of preparation and holding of the referendum.
The referendum was also monitored and covered by 131 local observers and 40 reporters.