A regular CEC session on the local elections



ԿԸՀ  հերթական նիստ՝  ՏԻՄ ընտրությունների վերաբերյալ օրակարգով      On 27 June  2019, a regular meeting of the Artsakh Republic Central Electoral Commission took place, which was chaired by the Commission Deputy Chairman Yeghishe Arzumanyan.


 CEC members, chairmen of the territorial electoral commissions, CEC responsible officers and mass media representatives attended the session.


  Based on the relevant decisions of the Artsakh Republic Government on appointing and holding regular local elections of the Artsakh Republic, in accordance with the requirements of Article 143, the schedules of the main events on the organization and conduct of the forthcoming September 8, 2019 elections in 228 communities were discussed and approved at the meeting.
     According to the schedule of the main events of the regular local elections the deadline of self-nomination of the candidates or the registration documents by the political parties to the relevant territorial electoral commission has been estab

     The schedules of the events and other relevant legal acts and documents based on them will be provided to the concerned bodies and responsible performers. You can get acquainted with all the essential news and documents concerning the whole process of the local elections on the official website of the Artsakh Republic Central Electoral Commission ( cecnkr.am).lished from August 4, 2019 to 18.00 of August 9, 2019, and the registration of the candidates will be performed from August 9 to 18.00 of August 14. The period of the pre-election campaign is from August 15 to 24.00 of September 6.
     The Central Electoral Commission has also established the cost estimates of the electoral commissions of the Artsakh Republic regarding the organization and conduct of September 9, 2019 elections in the amount of 77 958 520 ( seventy seven million and nine hundred and fifty eight thousand and five hundred and twenty) AMD drams.


     The issue on making amendments and additions in some decisions of the Central Electoral Commission was also discussed at the meeting.


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