CEC meeting about the new regular local elections


yuk     On 19 August  2021,  the meeting of the CEC of the Artsakh Republic was held.  It was attended by 5 CEC members and media representatives.

     At the start of the meeting, the CEC Chairman noted that out of three absent members of the Commission H.Suleymanyan and M.Soghomonyan had valid reasons, while Ye. Arushanyan did not give any reason for his absence. The Chairman also noted that according to Article 39 (11) of the Electoral Code members of the Commission are obliged to take part in the work of the Commission, to exercise their powers.

     The agenda included one item with changes adopted during the last meeting: the discussion of the issue of the approval of the major activities timeline on the preparation and conduct of the new regular elections of the head of the Khachmach community, the head, and the Public Council members of Tsaghkashat community of the Askeran region, the head of Nor Ghazanchi community of Martakert region, the head of Herher community of Martuni region of the Artsakh Republic on 10 October 2021.

     Having considered the issue discussed during the meeting in advance, members of the Commission approved the timeline of major activities on the preparation and conduct of the elections.

     At the close of the meeting Chairman of the Commission S.Avetisyan thanked the participants and directed the CEC Secretary to organize all the preparations necessary to ensure the elections.

     Additional details on documents and news regarding the entire election process of the new local government may be found on the official website of the CEC of the Artsakh Republic cecnkr.am and on the Facebook page.