CEC meeting about the new regular local elections


asd     On 18 August 2021, the meeting of the CEC of the Artsakh Republic was held.  The meeting was attended by 7 CEC members and media representatives.

     The key issue of the agenda was the preparation and conduct of the next regular elections to local self-government bodies in the communities under the control of the Artsakh Republic and the approval of the major activities timeline. 

     Some proposals were added to the agenda and it was approved with proposed changes.

     During the debate on the issue on the agenda, CEC members Ye. Arushanyan, H.Suleymanyan, and M.Soghomonyan  proposed to adjourn the meeting without a valid reason. The CEC Chairman rejected, arguing that it was impossible to fully implement the requirements for the norms established by the Electoral Code as scheduled.

     After that, the meeting was suspended. After the break members of the Commission Ye. Arushanyan, H.Suleymanyan, and M.Soghomonyan left the hall without explanation. Owing to the absence of a quorum the meeting was postponed until 19 August, 17:30 pm.