On the CEC session


1On February 12, 2020, the regular session of the Central Electoral Commission of the Artsakh Republic was held, chaired by the chairperson of the commission Srbuhi Arzumanyan. The meeting was attended by CEC members, CEC responsible officials and media representatives.

     Based on Part 2 of Article 29 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Artsakh, at the aim of performing oversight of the contributions made to campaign funds, expenditures and their calculation, as well as of the daily financial activities of the political parties, by the decision of the Artsakh Republic Central Electoral Commission Oversight and Audit Service has been established the head of which has been  appointed Garnik Avanesyan for a five-year term.

     The cost estimate of the AR electoral commissions (Central Electoral Commission, 8 territorial and 282 precinct electoral commissions)   in the amount of 99 642 350 ( ninety-nine millions six hundreds and forty-two thousands and three hundreds and fifty) AMD related to the preparation and conduct of the regular elections to the AR President and National Assembly scheduled for March 31, 2020 was discussed and approved at the session . A significant part of the expenditures compiles the amounts of the compensation and salaries   given to over 2500 commissioners and other employees involved in the organization and conduct of the elections; over  75 745 200 AMD or 76.0% of the total expenditures.

     On the basis of N decision N 49 of February 7, 2020 of the Artsakh Republic Government on appointing and conducting early elections to a community head in Askeran community of Askeran’s region and to Council of Elders in Varnkatagh community of Martakert’s region of the Artsakh Republic and financing the expenditures of the preparation and conduct of the elections  and in accordance with Article 140 of the Artsakh Republic Electoral Code, the schedule of the main events and cost estimate of the organization and conduct of upcoming March 15, 2020 elections in Askeran and Varnkatagh communities has been discussed and approved at the session.

According to the schedule, the deadline for submitting registration documents for self-nomination of candidates or nomination by the parties to the Askeran and Martakert territorial election commissions is set from February 19 to February 23, 2020 till 18.00; the  registration of the candidates will be performed from February 23 to February 25 till 18.00.

The pre-election campaign period is from February 26 to 24.00 of March 13.

The schedule of the events and other relevant legal acts and documents deriving from it will be given to the concerned departments and responsible performers.


 AR Central Electoral Commission