Session of the Central Electoral Commission of NKR



On November 6, 2013 CEC Chairperson S. Arzumanyan held a regular session at NKR CEC.
The Commission discussed and approved the schedule of the events and the estimate of expenditures for the preparation and conduct of the regular and early local elections in a number of communities of the Republic.
NKR Ter.EC of Martakert, Hadrut and Kashatagh were tasked 
    1) to support the public awareness activities for the early elections of the community heads of Chapar ( region of Martakert) and Tsakuri (region of Hadrut) to be held on December 1, 2013 also the early  elections of elders of Hovtashen community (region of Martakert) to be held on February 9, 2014, regular elections of the community head and members of elders of Aghavno community(region of Kashatagh) and regular elections of Khazarapat community.
   2) to ensure the implementation of the CEC decision in order to hold the aforementioned elections organized and in a high- level.


NKR Central Electoral Commission