At the CEC meeting


124101On April 8, 2020 a regular meeting of the Central Electoral Commission of the Artsakh Republic  was  convened chaired by the Chairperson of the Commission Srbuhi Arzumanyan. The meeting was attended by 7 CEC members, CEC officials and media representatives.  

 The meeting discussed and approved the cost estimates of the electoral commissions of the Republic of Artsakh in the amount of 75,748,300 (seventy-five million seven hundred and forty-eight thousand three hundred) AMD in connection with the preparation and holding of the second round of the presidential elections of the Republic of Artsakh (on April 14, 2020).

 A significant part of the expenses is the amount of the compensation given to more than 2,250 members of the Commission participating in the organization and conduct of the elections; about 65,851,000 drams or 87% of the total expenses.

     The Central Electoral Commission has also established the procedure for providing free and paid airtime on public radio and public television of Artsakh to the presidential candidates participating in the second round of the election to the President of the Republic of Artsakh during the pre-election campaigning and the schedule for using airtime.





AR Central Electoral Commission