At the aim of preventing the spread of coronavirus


asha_30120_twrtticrnvrsBased on the considerations of preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection and preserving the epidemiological situation in our Republic, taking into account  the srtictly necessity of  holding the upcoming March 31, 2020 elections of national significance in accordance with the established procedure and within the established time frame the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Artsakh initiated a number of preventive measures, in particular;


     - meetings of the Central and Territorial Electoral Commissions will be held mainly in the survey procedure,


     - an electronic version of contacts will be used with the candidates and representatives of the political parties (party alliances),


     -the pre-planned seminars-meetings of the Central Electoral Commission officials with the representatives of the precinct electoral commissions in all the districts of the Republic and the city of Stepanakert have already been canceled (in case of revision, there will be awareness), on condition of increasing the level of professional training in another remote way ,


    - on the day of voting, preparatory work will be carried out to ensure the sanitary and hygienic condition of precinct centers and the health safety of the voters and precinct electoral commissioners’ (in cooperation with the responsible persons of the Ministry of Health of the Artsakh Republic),


     - steps are being taken to develop and implement formats for reviewing direct contacts with the observers and media representatives.




     We are ready to discuss any suggestions that can be optimally applied by the public in the context of these problems. 


      Taking into account  that currently campaigning is actively going on at the whole territory of the Republic, we offer, urge and call upon all the subjects of the agitation to take measures to revise the formats of the pre-election meetings (as we suggested previously in oral form), possibly avoiding the initiation of and participation in mass events, strictly following the instructions of the responsible persons of the health care system of the Republic of Artsakh.


     Together, we must bring to a logical conclusion the upcoming March 31 elections, which are of such national importance for the Republic of Artsakh, and the most important thing is to be healthy.




     We are confident that all sides are ready to cooperate in an atmosphere of mutual understanding.






With respect,

Central Electoral Commission