Press release


On July 20, 2014 local referendums have been held  in Chartar and Ghuze Chartar communities of Martuni’s region at the aim of uniting two communities in one community as of Chartar.
According to the final protocols of the Territorial Electoral Commission of  Martuni the results of the local referendums in Chartar and Ghuze Chartar are the following;











According to the thesis of 2 part of  34 article of the NKR law

the referendum is adopted   if  more than half of the participants but no less than  one third of the citizens included in the voting lists   have  voted < for >, by the decisions of the Territorial Electoral Commission of Martuni   based on the results of the voting the issue of the referendum (Are you for the communities Chartar and Ghuze Chartar of NKR Martuni’s region to be united in one  Chartar community? ) has been adopted both in the two communities separately. 
The process of the local referendums were observed by the members of the  NKR Central Electoral Commission and Territorial Electoral Commission of Martuni  and  it was published by the local media.
 No complaints about the process and results of the referendums  have been filed. 


NKR Central Electoral Commission