Report of the Central Electoral Commission of NKR


icon150On October 13, 2013 fourteen regular and four early local elections were held in eigthteen communities of NKR. In fifteen communities elections were held for community heads and in five communities for Council of Elders. From twelve candidates of acting community heads ten candidates were re-elected.

According to the summary protocols of the Territorial Electoral Commissions Rudik Aslanyan (a member of Artsakh democratic party) in Dashushen community, Samvel Shahramanyan (non-partisan) in Khnapat community, Armen Mkrtchyan (non-partisan) in Khandzadzor community, Smbat Khachatryan (a member of Azat Hayrenik party) in Norashen community, Naira Kafyan (non-partisan) in Hovtashen community, Irina Gasparyan  (a member of Artsakh democratic party) in Chankatagh community, Avag Mkrdumyan (non-partisan) in Mehmana community, Mher Sahakyan (non-partisan) in Machkalashen community, Andranik Babayan (non-partisan) in Vazgenashen community, Sayat Melqonyan (non-partisan) in Havsatagh community, Mikhael Melqonyan (non-partisan) in Nor Kharkhaput community, Mkrtich Harutyunyan (non-partisan) in Aghadzor community, Hakob Poghosyan (non-partisan) in Goghtanik community, Khachik Tadevosyan (non-partisan) in Mirik community were elected as community heads.

Council of Elders were also elected in the community of Nor Haykadzur (Martakert), Dadivank, Qarvachar, Nor Kharkhaput (Shahumyan) and in Tsitsernavank (Qashatagh).

Elections were held according to the requirements of the Electoral Code in all twenty polling stations.

No complaints were protocoled relating to the process and results of the voting.

Recount of ballots was not emerged.


NKR Central Electoral Commission