icon150On April 13, 2014 according to the N 144-N of March 12, 2014 and N 150-N of March 13, 2014 decisions of the NKR Government early elections of community heads will be held both in the community of Tigranavan ( region of Kashatagh) and Ukhtadzor (region of Hadrut).
NKR CEC has discussed and approved the schedule of the main measures and the estimate expenditures for the preparation and conduct of those elections at the early session of March 20 of this year giving instructions to the interested state bodies and the officials to support a proper organization of the elections in a timely manner.
The nomination deadline for the candidates of community heads has been set from March 26 to March 29 18.00, and the registration deadline is from March 29 up to April 1.
The pre-election campaign will start from April 2 and will last till April 11. 

NKR Central Electoral Commission