Announcement about the Professional Trainings


In September ,2013 The NKR CEC organize professional trainings of the candidate membership of the Electoral Commissions in the regions of The Republic.A citizen of the NKR, who has the right to vote and be included in the Electoral Commissions, can participate in the trainings.
The Deputies of The National Assembly, the Judges, the Ministers and their Deputies, the Heads of the Administrations of the regions,the Mayor of Stepanakert, the Heads of the Communities, the employees of the National Security,the Police and the Department of Defense,the Prosecution and the bank system, also the persons who have been convicted for the crime by the Articles 147-158 of the NKR Criminal Code can’t participate in the trainings.
The applications are received from August 1 to August 21 including,on weekdays 9.00-18.00

1 )The NKR Central Electoral Commissions in Stepanakert (Stepanakert, Sasuntsi David 2,tel; 047-95-67-37, 047-94-85-98)
The Territorial Electoral Commissions of Stepanakert(Stepanakert, Tumanyan 63,tel; 047-94-75-58)
2)Askeran’s Region,
Territorial Electoral Commission in Askeran(Askeran,N.Stepanyan 14,tel;047-67-76-47)
3)Hadrut’s Region,
Hadrut Territorial Electoral Commission (Hadrut,;047-55-14-35
4) Martakert’s Region,
Martakert’s Territorial Electoral Commission(Martakert, M.Khorenatsi 3,tel; 047-42-20-38)
5)Martuni’s Region,
Martuni’s Territorial Electoral Commission (Martuni,V.Khachatryan 33,tel;047-82-20-66)
6)Shahumyan’s Region,
Shahumyan’s Territorial Electoral Commission (Qarvachar ,common house building,tel;097-38-79-10
7)Shushi’s Region,
Shushi Territorial Electoral Commission (Shushi,N. Duman1,tel;047-73-18-31
8)Qashatagh’s Region,
Qashatagh’s Territorial Electoral Commission (Berdzor,st N5,b.33/1,tel;047-75-23-75)
The citizen also submits the copy of his passport with the application.
It will be additionally informed about the place,the day and the time of the organization of the professional trainings in accordance with the Territorial Electoral Commission and an announcement will be published at the NKR CEC website( three days before the training.

Clarification  (T.Ghevondyan, Artsakh TV, August 5, 2013




NKR Central Electoral Commission