The new compositions of the Ter.EC have been published



     On December 8, 2015 NKR CEC Chairperson Srbuhi Arzumanyan has published the compositions of the NKR Territorial Electoral Commissions.

     We remind, that according to Article 41 of the NKR Electoral Code the new members of the Central Electoral Commission appoint members to the Territorial Electoral Commissions, and CEC Chairperson publishes the compositions of the Territorial Electoral Commissions.
     The Territorial Electoral Commissions will convene their first sessions in two-day term to elect a Territorial Electoral Commission Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary in each published composition.
     In all the regions of the Republic and in the city of Stepanakert the eight composed Territorial Electoral Commissions will undertake their authorities on December 14, 2015.


N32 injunction of the NKR CEC Chairperson of 08.12.2015


Press Service of the NKR Central Electoral Commission