International Observers gave Press Conferences



Observation Missions of the Referendum on the draft of the Constitution of Artsakh comprised 100 international and 103 local observers from 30 countries, as well as  over 80 mass media representatives.

Following the end of voting in the Referendum districts on February 20 and 21 the international observers and individual observers gave press conferences in the hall of the Press Centre of NKR Referendum Central Commission, during which they gave evaluation of the process of the Referendum and its important political significance. Individual statements were issued as well.

In this format the first press conference was held by the representative of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in the Press Centre of NKR Referendum Central Commission on February 20. On the following day – February 21 – from the early morning press conferences were held by the Members of the European Parliament, Bolivia, International Professional Delegation of Committee of HaiDat, Members of the National Assembly of RA, European friends of Armenia, delegations of Russia, Germany, Austria, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, the Basque Country (Spain), the USA and Canada. The observers highly valued the Referendum as another evidence of consolidation of statehood, expression of free will of Artsakh and a process of democratization.

“Here in Artsakh I see prosperity and progress. Democracy and freedom must first of all be protected. I am happy to see the government of the country exert every possible effort to raise the living standard of the population and to develop the country”, states a EU MP EleniTeokharus.

On the whole, all the evaluations reflect that the Referendum was held without any incidents and violations, the people continues to struggle for freedom and independence.


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