On upcoming local elections and referendum of June-July of the current year



Preparatory work are being implemented in the direction of upcoming early elections of a community head of Sardarashen of Martakert’s region (29.06.2014 ), of ordinary elections of a community head of Arakel of Hadrut’s region (06.07.2014 ) and of the organization and conduct of the local referendum of Chartar and Ghuze Chartar of Martuni’s region (20.07.2014).
Two candidates for community heads have been registered in Sardarashen and two in Arakel and are implemeting pre-election campaign. Approximately 156 and 100 voters of the mentioned communities will partake in the elections. The polling stations have been formed with their qualified members and held the first session.
The voter lists have been posted in the precinct centers.
Campaign posters have been allocated in special places both in Chartar and Ghuze Chartar communities.The polling stations of the referendum will be formed from June 24 to June 27, and the accreditation of the observers and journalists are underway at Central Electoral Commission which will last till July 19 of the current year.
For more information of the forthcoming local elections and referendum see the section of the site Elections and Local Self-Government, 2014