The preliminary results in Constituencies 10 and 11


The Territorial Electoral Commissions of Kashatagh and Mardakert of the Artsakh Republic have summarized the preliminary results of by-elections to the deputy to the Artsakh Republic National Assembly under the majoritarian system held on September 9, 2018 in Constituencies No. 10 and 11.
According to that results the elections in Constituencies No. 10 and 11 have taken place; 53, 05 percent of the voters of the Constituency No. 10 and 57, 63 percent of the voters of the Constituency No. 11 have participated in them.

Erik R. Haroutyunyan has been elected a deputy to the AR National Assembly in Constituency No. 10 and Gegham H. Stepanyan in Constituency No. 11.

The summary data on the preliminary results on the voting according to the polling stations will be published till 14.00 of September 10.

Press service of the Central Electoral Commission
of the Artsakh Republic
(22.30 of 09.09.2018)